The Brand

After creating in 2015 Jutelaune, a sustainable shoe and fashion brand, Julia, the founder, decides to create a JOIA in 2022 aiming to offer the jewelry lovers (like her) a product that is committed to the environment and is exclusively made in Spain. 
The experience gained thanks to Jutelaune has shown us the importance of creating a durable and timeless product that does not go out of style.

Our Goals

In this journey our goal is to make a responsibly made and durable product that that has the least possible impact on nature.

How can we make it possible?

  • All JOIA pieces are exclusively made in Spain with european materials and sources
  • We work with reused and reusable products like recycled brass, silver and gold plating
  • Our packaging is 100% recycled and recyclable

The Products

We are moved by artisanal work. We love to collaborate with small manufacturers that want to grow with us in this challenging industry. 

Recycled brass is the main product of our collection. In addition, the gold plating (between 18 and 24 carats) is made mostly with recycled and reused gold.

And last, but not least. Our jewelry is not a short life product, thus our manufacturer  guarantees the quality of the shine of the gold plating in 10 years.
Durability implies sustainability.